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3rd Edition Training

For more than 40 years, CPI has offered highly effective de-escalation training to organizations around the world.

Now, combining input from our Certified Instructors with the latest evidence-based research and adult learning theory, CPI is launching the 3rd Edition of this training. 

CPI foundation programs—Verbal Intervention™, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention®, and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention™ With Advanced Physical Skills—build upon each other, so it’s easy to train the right staff on the right skills in the right program across your entire organization. Download the 3rd Edition of our CPI training solutions options. 

What CPI Certified Instructors Have to Say About 3rd Edition Training

Updated Content

3rd Edition programs weave person-centered and trauma-informed approaches throughout the core content. In particular, on interpreting the brain’s response to threat as one of the causes of distress behavior, identifying the level of risk of the behavior, and identifying preventive strategies to mitigate risk.  

Updated Flow

The instructional design of the modules is based on adult learning, connecting the knowledge to the experience of the learners so they can more easily use their knowledge and skills in real-life situations. There’s also increased attention on the “why” behind concepts and techniques.  

Easier to Teach

check mark The updated Instructor Guides include everything needed to lead a class, from terms and definitions to principles and activities, regardless of an in-person, virtual, or blended training environment.
check mark Each program naturally weaves in opportunities for class interaction and practicing learning concepts with others throughout the training.
check mark Video content is embedded directly into the electronic presentation for a seamless training experience.

Easier to Learn

check mark Research, academic, and other complex content is presented in a way that is more relatable to staff across functions.
check mark The updated training workbook can serve as a practical resource that learners continue to reference after training.

Easier to Apply

check mark Reinforcing concepts with practical, relevant applications helps staff respond appropriately to real-life situations in the moment.
check mark All 3rd Edition training programs share a common language, making it easier for staff trained in different programs to communicate.

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