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The 5 Faces of Passive-Aggressive Behavior in School

Do you have a student who harbors hostile feelings toward you or a classmate, but never expresses this anger in words?

How you respond to passive-aggressive behavior is often the key to defusing it. With this resource from Signe Whitson of the LSCI Institute, generously shared with us to share with YOU, you'll learn: 

  • Why your student hides behind a mask of annoying and confusing behaviors.
  • The 5 most common patterns of passive-aggressiveness.
  • How to master emotional neutrality and manage your own response so you can skillfully connect with your student.

Based on techniques taught in The Angry Smile book and online course, this resource will help you help your students find more honest and productive ways to express their feelings. Fill out the form and put this resource to use today!

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