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A Checklist for Writing Policies and Procedures

Well-written policies and procedures provide both structure and guidance congruent with what staff are learning in their training. They are essential for supporting staff and maximizing safety while fostering a culture of Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security SM.

You’ve considered external influences, such as governing regulations, legislation, accrediting body demands, industry guidelines, and funding source requirements; the process of developing your organization’s policies can now begin.

As the gold standard in crisis intervention, Crisis Prevention Institute utilizes proven, evidence-based tools that support a culture of safety and caring. This eBook provides an in-depth checklist highlighting the components that are essential to your organization’s policies and procedures relating to crisis intervention, including:

  • How to determine policy rationale and philosophy. 
  • Setting standards for crisis intervention training. 
  • A flexible trick to get cooperation. 
  • How to define procedures for documenting critical incidents. 

...and more! 

Build teamwork. Increase confidence. Reduce liability. 

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