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Trauma-Informed Care for Educators

Trauma can come in many forms, and whether caused by a single event or by a repeated exposure, that experience and perspective shape the way a person feels, thinks, and behaves. Trauma can happen to anyone, and as educators, you may encounter both students and colleagues that have been impacted.

Our educator-specific trauma-informed care guide provides: 

  • A deeper awareness of key trauma-related concepts.
  • A greater understanding of trauma's effects on behavior.
  • Tips for understanding and preventing vicarious trauma. 
  • A De-escalation Preferences Form to use with students and colleagues.
  • Resources to explore trauma-informed care further.

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Our trauma specialty topic programs will help educators:

  • Understand how trauma affects behavior in students and colleagues.
  • Learn how to respond appropriately to trauma-induced behaviors.
  • Create a cultural shift in both teacher-student and teacher-teacher interactions.
  • Strengthen student outcomes through a healthier learning environment.

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