Download this free resource for offering positive, realistic, and motivating choices and consequences.

Do you ever deal with someone whose anger, fear, or frustration veers a situation off the rails?

Setting effective limits is one of the most powerful ways to steer a situation back on track and help someone make positive choices.

With this resource, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between setting a limit and issuing an ultimatum.
  • Ways to set limits that make the person feel respected and supported.
  • Preventive, verbal, and nonverbal ways to set limits.
  • CPI’s 5-Step Approach to Setting Limits.

You’ll also get a list of key starter phrases, sample scenarios, and an action plan for making setting limits second nature. Use this guide when leading a lunch-and-learn, a practice session with staff, or as a personal communication skills resource.

Based on techniques taught in CPI training, this guide will help you handle difficult situations, while meeting your goals and those of the person you’re setting limits with.

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